About me…apparently a website requirement, for the most part. But, we all have one and now I do too. Welcome! In a world of hard drives and mem sticks and apps.. Websites are like the SNL sketch called “You Can Do Anything.” If a thousand people hit your YouTube vid you think you’re automatically famous and everyone should know you. Ok, wake up people. There still is a thing called work that “theoretically” gets you what you want, along with a certain amount of persistence and mental strength…and probably the best one, a great connection in one way or another, that’s the best one.
Enough with my life opinions…my name is Victor Huzvar. I come from a town of some 41,000 people. It used to be 60,000 but, like a lot of small towns dependent on one industry the steels mills left. So be the 41,000. Dave Grohl was born there. And it had the first electric street lamps in 1890…take that LA. And, it has one hell of a good (cheap) hot-dog shop and pizza parlor…The Hot Dog Shoppe and Sunrise Pizza respectively. Initially I came to LA to do stand up, as a matter of fact I wrote a routine on the plane from Cleveland to LA. Never did stand up but, fell into improve at the Groundlings for a couple of years until Deanna Oliver told me about a way to get really good at it. I said lead me, and she pointed me to her husband Stan Wells. I must say a brilliant improv director. John Lovitz, Conan O’Brian, Lisa Kudrow, Cynthia Stevenson and John Stark were a few of the members of this independent group.
Circumstances pulled me into the real world with real employment. Ok, a job at WB for plus 20 yrs., not so much the real world but, a job that had regular hours and was far from the life I needed.
My dream job was to take over the tonight Show and to become Ernie Andersen, don’t ask me how I planned on doing both, I figured it would all fall into place some how. So here I am being “called back” into the world of voice-over. “Thank you! Thank you so much! It’s a pleasure! At your service.”