This is my Voiceover page. I hope you enjoy it and find what your looking for.
And, btw, I started out as a youth (oooo how profound) watching the local horror movie host blow up pictures of local news people on tv with firecrackers and I said I WANT TO DO THAT! Well I didn’t do that but, I followed Ernie Andersen from Cleveland (figuratively speaking) to LA. And, I’m in voiceover, like him. A beautiful profession. I just finished classes with VOICECASTER in Burbank, CA. Heading to Kalmenson and Playouse West on down the road. I’ve also studied (in my deeep darrrk past) with SUSAN BLU, PAT FRALEY, DELORES DIEHL, worked for ANDREA ROMANO (Thee Queen of animation casting in LA) at Warner Bros. Currently, working out at SAG with whomever I can drag in off the street to read with at least two to four times a week when I can get in the Don Lafontaine Voice Over Lab. A great state of the art lab that we as SAG members are privileged to have access to with top-notch staff including a great engineer and office manager.
“Keep working and perfecting and you get better and you maintain the art” are nice words to live by. And, they’ve been drilled into my head. I hope to be good at it.